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8 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Waist Training

by Ida Harris

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Waist training is the process of wearing a slimming garment to have a desirable waistline. It has become a phenomenon in the 21st century as an alternative to strenuous traditional exercises to attain an hourglass body shape.

Although waist training is not new, many people do still have a lot of questions about it. So we suppose that it would be necessary to collect commonly asked questions and answers about waist training.

1. Are waist trainers effective in losing weight?

The answer is yes, but only indirectly. Waist training can make you sweat more during workout, stimulating more weight loss. Furthermore, waist trainers can also create a pressure on your midsection, which discourages you from consuming too much calories, which also supports your weight loss process.

2. How can I choose the size?

Always refer to the size chart of the product. You should not choose a too small size, or it cancause you discomfort; nor should you choose a too big size, or it will be useless. When you are between the two successive sizes, you should choose the bigger size.

3. What can be the expected outcomes of waist training?

It is believed that waist training benefit you both physically and mentally. As regards physical ones, your waistline can be narrowed by several inches and your weight loss process can also be accelerated. Moreover, waist training can also have mental benefits by helping you feel more confident whenever you look at yourself in the mirror or communicate with other people.

4. How long does it take for me to see the results?

Immediately! You can lose from 1 to 4 inches in your abdomen once you put on a waist trainer. But the long-term results seem to vary across people, partially depending on how flexible your core muscles are. Generally, it takes people with elastic muscles a shorter time than their counterparts.

To make the results steady, you need to wear it in a long period, with the complementation of a balanced diet and regular exercises.

5. Where should I wear a waist trainer, under or over my clothes? How should I wash it?

Waist trainers are tailored to be worn under clothes. However, there is no need to make it hidden. It is highly recommended to wash the waist trainer every two weeks so that the fabric can contract. It should also be washed in warm water by hand with shampoo.

6. If I am pregnant, should I wear a waist trainer?

You can start wearing a waist trainer in several weeks after being pregnant. It is recommended that you should wear a waist cincher that is particularly designed for new mums.

7. Is waist training only for women?

No, of course not. Although it is more popular with women, nowadays, with the beauty demand from everybody, regardless of genders, ages, etc., there are also options for men available.

8. Are there any problems which can be caused by the waist trainer?

You can feel a little bit unpleasant in the beginning. But if you choose the right size and the right material that suits you, everything will be fine quickly. That is the reason why you should only gradually reduce the size and step-by-step increase the time wearing it. Sometimes, a low quality waist trainer can poke out and cause pain or its material can cause some symptoms of allergy. So, consider everything carefully before making the final decision to invest in a waist trainer.

In this article, we have compiled several most common questions and answers about waist training. Hope that they will help you start your waist training journey to attain an hourglass body.

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