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Answer all questions about waist trainers

by Ida Harris

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Waist training is gaining in popularity these days with many celebrities becoming followers of this regimen.

However, some people who are still in two minds on whether to using waist trainers or not since there are so many uncertainties.

Therefore, here are the answer for any possible question on waist trainers.

Question 1: What is the origin of waist training?

Although it has yet to be confirmed, waist trainer is believed to be developed from steel bone corset. This was a popular item among royals in the west who want to exaggerate hourglass shape. As people notice their body shape actually changed following a period of using, corset was adopted as a method of reducing natural waistline.


Question 2: Then, is corset and waist trainer the same?

Corset is mostly used for fashion or back support. They are made of flexible garment such as cloth or leather, and held together by lacing. Therefore, its constriction is often more than needed, which results in some health problems such as breathing trouble or dislocated rib.

On the other hand, waist trainer is made of latex with plastic boning; hence, it offers tightness just enough for waistline to be reduced following regular usage.


Question 3: What is the point of wearing a waist training?

Modern waist trainer could do more than just creating an hourglass body but it could actually take away about 3 inches of your waistline and flatten your tummy. That is not all, waist trainer is known to be able to correct posture. Also, when used during workout, you could still put it on to stimulate more sweat.

Question 4: How should I start?

If you are new to waist training, first you need to find a suitable trainer of a reputed brand. It is important that you can try it before buying given that there are a lot of options coming in different material and style. After that, all you have to do is putting it on regularly.


Question 5: How often should I wear waist trainer?

For a starter, do not overdo it. It is advisable that you start slowly by wearing from 2 to 4 hours a day, and then increase the number of hours wearing gradually. Before you know it, you are comfortable wearing all day.

Should it be impossible to wear throughout the day, 8 hours a day is enough. You can waist-train while at work or when you go to bed.


Question 6: What should I watch out for while using waist training?

Do not make the waist trainer tighter more than you can endure.

Question 7: What makes a perfect waist trainer?

A perfect trainer is one with the right size. Therefore, you should get the right measurement of your waistline for the wisest purchase decision. Added to that, it has to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of training without falling apart.


Question 8: Could expectant mother wear waist trainer?

Of course, they can as long as there is no discomfort with the tightness. In fact, there are trainers designed specifically for expectant women. They are used to support back and abdomen during pregnancy, and mothers could continue to wear it post-pregnancy to help get rid of love handles and get them back into shape.

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