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Dumbbell Workout You Can Do At Home

by Ida Harris
7 Movements for Weight Training at Home with Dumbbells

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We often have excuses for our laziness and refusal to do exercises: I have no room, no time, no money, no equipment, etc.

However, now with only a pair of dumbbells, you can still practice weight training at your own home, at your own pace, in your own free time.

This article is going to provide you with a simple dumbbell workout that you can do at home.


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1. Goblet Squat

  • Stand upright, set your feet wider than the shoulder-width.
  • Use your both hands to hold a dumbbell ahead of your chest.
  • Lower your buttocks to form a squat position and then stand upright again.
  • This marks the end of one rep
Workoutsmile.com - Goblet Squat - Athletic woman performing a functional exercise with dumbbells

Goblet Squat - Woman performing a functional exercise with dumbbells

Regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced gymnast, this dumbbell exercise can be suitable for you. It can particularly targets the glutes as well as enhancing thoracic and buttocks at the same time.

2. Dumbbell Clean

  • Set your wrists in a forward position and lift the dumbbells to your shoulders, gently jump while you do this movement. 
  • Gradually stand up right.
  • Lower the dumbbells down to your thighs, then move into a squat position to complete one rep.
Dumbbell Clean

Dumbbell Clean

This dumbbell exercise helps you build lean muscle tissue as well as enhancing explosive power. It also helps blood circulate more effectively to your shoulders, glutes, arms and hamstrings.

3. Farmer’s walk

  • Walk ahead while holding the dumbbells in both of your hands in fast and quick step.
  • Walk in the same distance at the highest speed possible.
Workoutsmile.com - Two muscular men during competition in the farmer's walk exercise

Two muscular men during competition in the farmer's walk exercise

With this simple dumbbell exercise, you can improve the strength of your grip. Thanks to the irradiation process, you can also bunch your rotator cuff, preventing injuries from attacking your shoulders.

4. Two Arm Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift

  • Bring the weights down to the top of your feet as far as possible
  • Gradually return to the initial position to finish one rep
Workoutsmile.com - Two Arm Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift - Athletic woman doing exercise for arms. Photo of muscular fitness model working out with dumbbells on grey background. Strength and motivation

Two Arm Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift

This dumbbell exercise targets your fast-twitch muscles in your lower body.

Moreover, this exercise can also make sure that your overall posterior chain is effectively performing its functions and prevent injuries from attacking your lower back and butts. It is really effective in building up your lower body’s strength.

5. One arm swing

  • As you lower your butts into a squat position, swing the dumbbells through the legs.
  • Then immediately stand upright again, lift the dumbbells up to your head level when straightening the legs.
  • Repeat and change sides
One arm swing

One arm swing

This dumbbell exercise, if done properly, can target muscles in the posterior chain and enhance the strength of your grip, coordination as well as some muscles such as quadriceps femoris, lower back muscles and shoulder muscles. 

6. Cross Body Hammer Curl

  • Hold the two weights with your two hands and lift each one to the other shoulder.
  • Return to the initial position and swap sides.
Cross Body Hammer Curl

Cross Body Hammer Curl

This dumbbell exercise targets the bicepsbrachialis, and forearm muscles. Instead of lifting the weights directly in front of the body, you lift them across the torso.

Above is a simple dumbbell workout that you can do at home. We hope that, after reading this article, you can build muscle without sophisticated equipment and of course at a low cost. 

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