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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers about Exercising after Pregnancy


Exercising after delivery is highly recommended for new mums since it offers them a multitude of both physical and mental health benefits. But some of them might wonder whether it is really safe to do exercise after giving birth, whether exercising after delivery affects their breastfeeding or not, when to do exercise after pregnancy, etc. This article […]

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Healthy eating after workout

What to eat after a workout Top 7 Best Foods (2)

Most of us just focus on doing exercise and forget that retaining the energy after workout is as important as exercise itself. Foods and drinks play an important role in recovering your muscles after exercise and eating the right kind of post-workout foods and drinks is necessary to muscles building and a good health. This article is going […]

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Kelly Lee Dekay Got a 16-inch Waistline by 7-year Corset Wearing

Kelly Lee Dekay Got a 16-inch Waistline by 7-year Corset Wearing2

Who is Kelly Lee Dekay?Kelly is a twenty-seven-year old model and designer. She admires cartoon figures like Jessica Rabbit and female superhero, which has inspires her to constantly wear a tightly-laced corset for seven years to have an hourglass body like these cartoon characters.What does she think about wearing a corset?Kelly’s purpose of wearing a […]

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