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Best pregnancy belly band – Top 4 and reviews

by Ida Harris
Best pregnancy belly band

Pregnancy belly band: Introduction

Mothers always feel exhilarated and exciting on the day their child sees the daylight. However, before they could enjoy the moment, they have to undergo the tremendous hardship of pregnancy. Most of the time, the body of expectant mothers is in the state of ache as it has to make room for the baby.

Their baby bump is putting a strain on their back, pelvis, and ligament. Their mobility is also restricted since it is painful just walking around. The burden is doubled if you’re expecting twins. However, expect mums could put an end to their sufferings by wearing a belly band designed specifically for pregnancy.

A belly band for pregnancy is a wide strip of garment going around women’s mid-section to support their abdomen and lower back. Stretchy fabric such as cotton or spandex is often used as material so that the belly band could stay fit to the abdomen as it is growing in size.

Do belly bands help during pregnancy?

In addition to providing support for belly bump, the best pregnancy belly band is particularly helpful in pain relief as it will distribute the weight of your growing belly evenly in the pelvic region instead of letting your back sustaining all the weight.
Therefore, common sufferings during pregnancy such as Sacroiliac joint pain and Round ligament pain will be kept at bay.

Also, daily movements such as walking or running are facilitated thanks to the gentle compression offered by belly bands. Wearing a belly band is good for the posture as well.

Mothers after childbirth often complain about having “swayback” as a result of carrying so much weight in front of the body which leads to stretched and weakened spine-supporting muscles. A belly band will prevent mother’s lower back from extending during pregnancy, and hence swayback.

Do belly bands help during pregnancy

Do belly bands help during pregnancy ?

Another benefit of pregnancy belly band is that it helps you to fit into pre-pregnancy clothing such as jeans for a longer period. Almost any expectant mothers could relate to the difficulty of doing up zips and buttons. Belly bands offer a solution to this problem because it allows you to leave the fastener undone. Mothers could continue to wear belly bands after giving birth as it helps to accelerate the post-delivery healing process of muscles and ligaments.

However, most people often hesitate to don on a belly band out of fear for the baby. This is actually not the case if you feel comfortable with the tightness of the bellyband. Also, most belly bands are designed in a way that it is tight enough to ease bodily pain caused by changes in waist sizes but not too tight that is to the detriment of the baby.

How long should you wear a pregnancy belly band?

To be on the safe side, you should consult doctors if you can wear a maternity band, and how long you should wear it. In actual fact, the maximum hours per day you could wear is 8, but most people suggest 3 to 4 hours is optimal because it is long enough for you to enjoy the benefits without any harm done to the baby.

Also, it is important to reiterate that although belly bands come with any benefits for expectant mothers, over-dependence should be avoided.

Great attention should be paid to the type of belly bands you use. Here are some of the recommended best pregnancy belly bands you should take into consideration when buying one.

Review top 4 best pregnancy belly band

1. Babo Care Breathable Lower Back and Pelvic Support – Comfortable Belly Band for Pregnancy – Prenatal Cradle for Baby

Babo Care Breathable Lower Back and Pelvic Support - Comfortable Belly Band for Pregnancy - Prenatal Cradle for BabyBabo Care is designed with a double layer for both lower and upper parts which make it fit firmly around your abdomen; hence, it offers excellent support for your stomach and waist. Because of this feature, this is a good option for mothers who are expecting twins.

Added to that, thanks to this maternity belt, you could avoid common childbearing sufferings such as pain in the hip, back, pelvis area. Since the belt is made from stretchy breathable materials, you could easily sit or walk without any discomfort. And it is completely adjustable considering the Velcro fastener which means it is able to adapt to your growing stomach. Feel free to use it throughout your pregnancy.

However, the Velcro tends to lose its stickiness over time.

This product is also available in plus size. To be more specific, there are two sizes for you to choose from, that is, size L (length – 45inch) and XL (length – 49inch).

2. Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband

Ingrid & Isabel Women's Maternity Everyday BellabandIf you want a belly band that helps you to put on some jeans, Ingrid & Isabel’s Bellaband is what you’re looking for.

This belly band comes in handy when you want to cloth in your prenatal outfits because it does a good job of hiding your undone buttons.

In addition, you can either choose to wear it full-length or have it folded up for a firmer grip.

Another welcoming feature of this product is that it is washable by machine; hence, the mother could have more time tending to her baby.

3. AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support

AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back SupportPregnancy almost definitely comes with excruciating hip and back pain. However, much of such pain will be alleviated with the assistance of Azmed Maternity Belt. The belt will serve as a support for your baby bump as it reduces the strain on your spine, and thus ease back pain.

The plus point going for this product is its soft breathable material which wards off the stuffy and sticky feeling while wearing. You could also rely on the Azmed belt for correcting postures like any other belly bands. As for sizes, this product could stretch up to 46 inches.

The downside is that should your cloth is tight-fitting, or bright in color, the belt might be revealed.

4. Maternity Belt – NEOtech Care Brand – Pregnancy Support

Maternity Belt - NEOtech Care Brand - Pregnancy SupportSimilar to any pregnancy belly band, NEOTech is worn so as to reduce pain by supporting your lower back and abdomen. To this end, NEOTech is designed to wrap nicely around the belly of expecting mother. With such a firm hold, you could feel free to go about your daily routine without being annoyed.

Also, this belt is adjustable, and hence you could decide how much compression applied to your abdomen. This means you could make use of it throughout your pregnancy, and even as a method of healing after delivery. Another unique and much-welcomed feature of this belt is its 4 heavy-duty elastic side panels which provide ventilation to keep your abdomen from sweating. This product is available from S to XXL.

It’s material (60% nylon and 40% polyester) might be considered a drawback because should you put it on without a layer of a garment below, it could cause irritation to your skin. Also, many users do complain about its being ill-fitting when changing position from sitting to standing.


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