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Best Workout Gloves For Women 2020

by Ida Harris
Best Workout Gloves

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Have you ever hit the gym and witnessed frequent exercisers wearing a pair of workout gloves which, not only made them look cool, but also seemed to help with their lifts?

Have you ever gotten blisters or calluses from lifting weights? If your answer is "yes", those “cool” gloves may be something that you should invest in. 

In this article, we've provided a guide to picking out the best workout glove. As an added bonus, we've also picked, and reviewed, some of the top workout gloves on the market. Enjoy!

What Makes a Good Workout Glove?

Choosing a suitable pair of workout gloves is as personal as your workout routine. Before buying a pair, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which type of exercises will I primarily performing in my gloves?
  • How heavy do I plan to lift in my gloves?
  • Will I be training in my gloves often?
gloves and calendar

How to choose the best workout gloves

These questions are necessary because there are many kinds of gloves on the market that are specifically designed for a certain purpose.

 Below is common criteria for choosing the best workout gloves based on your needs:


When lifting weights with your bare hands, you might feel some soreness during moderate-high intensity sessions, like bench presses.

 In the long term, this can result in more serious damage and may even turn you away from performing the exercise again.

Lifting gloves can protect you from these incidents with padding/cushioning. Padding in gloves is designed to be at the center of your palms to avoid direct contact with bars and reduce bar weights on hands.

However, remember that padding in gloves varies in thickness. Hence, if you are the one who like “close contact” with bars, take this into consideration before buying one.


We all agree that balance between hands and wrist is extremely important in lifting weights.

To move beyond your limitations, your wrist need to be secured. Workout gloves provides a wrist band support that wraps around the wrist and keep it intact during your exercises. The wider the band is, the more support it gives. 

Some may think this is necessary for their lifting, while some complain that the wrist band is totally excessive and gets in their way of exercising.

However, if you are new to gym, your chances of getting a wrist injury are slightly higher because your body hasn’t become accustomed to the foreign stress.

Due to this risk, you should definitely think about a thicker wrist support.

unisex gloves


The breathability workout gloves correlate to the material. Sweat might reduce your secure grip on the glove. Thus, workout gloves, at ther best, should be made of materials suitable for ventilation. 

Some popular materials nowadays include neoprene, spandex and microfiber. Many lifting gloves also cut off finger for the sake of ventilation. It’s definitely up to your choice while selecting the best.

women gloves strap


Last, but not least, is the fitting. Anything too small has the potential to affect your blood circulation; A pair that's too big has the potential to slide off during exercise, thus distracting you from your gains.

Now that you have what it takes to pick out some decent workout gloves, we've done the hard work of researching for you, and reviewed some of the best workout gloves of 2020!

Top 5 Best Workout Gloves

1. Fit Active Sports Weightlifting Gloves – Best for ventilation

Fit Active Sports Weightlifting Gloves – Best for ventilation

This pair of lifting gloves fits all criteria listed above as it provides palm protection, wrist wraps, grip and ventilation.

Because it leaves out fingers, you can still get the “real” feel of weights while being able to secure your grip around it.


  • Durability: The gloves are made of silicon neoprene, a kind of material which is resistant to water, chemicals, oil and heat. 
  • Flexibility: This kind of glove can easily fit all hand sizes. If you have tiny hands and struggle with getting a decent grip, these gloves provide you with minimal padding for a more solid grip. 
  • Machine washable: These gloves are washer and dryer. Air drying is also a friendly alternative.


  • Not usable for boxing: The gloves cannot be used interchangeably between lifting and boxing.

2. Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves – Best gloves for solid grip and calluses prevention

Trideer workout gloves offer weight lifters great closure, proving your hands with a snug, comfortable fit.

With thick padding, although chunky in appearance, the gloves are an ideal choice for hard weight lifters. 

trideer weight lifting


  • Quality material: Silica gel is used to create palm traction. This is a kind of flexible material which offers both effective grip and great comfort. 
  • Smart design: The gloves comes with a pull buckle on the fingertip to make it easy for you to take off.


  • Size: Size chart doesn’t provide the exact and precise size for each person; therefore, you should consider to order one size larger or smaller.
  • Certain uncovered parts: The base of the fingers and the top of the palm are uncovered so that they can still be vulnerable to pains and calluses.

3. Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves – Best for wrist support

Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves – Best for wrist support

Mava Sports training gloves are well-rounded and can meet any lifters needs.

They also provide double padding to guarantee comfort for the even the heaviest of lifters.


  • Double padding: This gloves is equipped with two layers of padding: extra leather and silicone. Helps with grip.
  • Strong wrist support: A thick wrist band enables you to lift harder than you usually do. 
  • Anti-sweat material: The gloves is made from neoprene material, keeping your weightlifting gloves and hands dry.


  • None

4. RIMSports Gym Gloves – Best for females

RIMSports gym gloves are workout gloves specifically designed with women in mind! They're products are unisex, but many of our female reviewers picked this glove above the rest.

rimsports lifting


  • Quality material: The gloves is made 100% from leather and spandex for long-lasting durability, allowing women to keep their look fashioned over the long time.
  • Strength support: This is best for women because it can cover all the hands; thus gathering your strength more efficiently and protecting your hands from ugly calluses and blisters at the same time.
  • Lightness: Contrary to other chunky gym gloves, this one is extremely light so that women can easily bring them to the gym in their totes.
  • Diversity in color: Different from gloves that are only sold in a limited range of neutral color, this gloves comes in all colors for women’s preferences, ranging from pink to light green.
  • Modern wrist wrap: Unlike workout gloves that use traditional band for wrist wrap, this gloves integrates modern diagonal Velcro latch for more flexibility and movement.


  • Low ventilation: Because it is designed to cover all parts of the hands except for the fingers, the perspiration will easily accumulate inside the workout gloves. Therefore, the gloves will be at risk of bad smell.
  • Difficulty in getting off: As the gloves cover all hands, the risk of it sticking to hands “thanks to” sweat will be much higher, making it difficult to get off once we finish workout routine.

5. Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves with 18’’ Wrist Wrap Support – Best for injury prevention

trideer amazon

Trideer weight lifting gloves are the best choice for people who desire to increase their exercise level by providing more effective support at wrist and injury prevention.

It can also be used interchangeably for all kinds of workout routines.


  • Effective protection: As it covers all of your hands, no parts will be at the risk of soreness, calluses or injuries.
  • Light material: The gloves is made from lightweight microfiber to allow for portability.


  • Chunky design: The wide and big wrist wrap can put many people off because it will reduce your free wrist movement, which is considered uncomfortable by some and make you look less fashioned.
  • Low ventilation: Although being designed by breathable material, due to its full coverage, the gloves will certainly accumulate sweats inside; thus, exposing it at the risk of bad smell and frequent wash.

In short, workout gloves can make your heavy lifts more comfortable. Similar to other pieces of workout equipment, lifting gloves can be very specific and personalized to a person's needs, so be sure to pick the right pair of gloves for you!

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