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How To Burn Fat At Home With H.I.I.T.

by Ida Harris
How to intensely burn fat at home

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High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been well well-known as one of the most effective kinds of cardio training to quickly burn body fat.

One of the greatest things about HITT is that you do not have to spend much time for HIIT to see the benefits and results. Most of the exercises and circuits only last around 20 - 25 minutes. Moreover, it is designed to do at home since almost no pieces of equipment are required.

HIIT is a mixture of high-intensity activities like jumping jacks, mountain climber , ...

It has been proven that HITT, if done regularly, can burn fat more efficiently by up to five to six times more than other normal exercises. The reason is that it greatly enhances metabolism and this increase can be last almost up to 24 hours post-workout.

How to intensely burn fat at home

Below are some of the best HITT programs you can do at home, containing basic exercises for newcomers, and more challenging exercises for the more physically inclined.

30-Day Training Program

The first program in the list is the 30-day training program. In this program, you can target the midsection to eliminate belly fat and get a slimmer waist. It includes various bodyweight exercises and powerful abdominal exercises, like burpees and mountain climber.

Ladder Workout

It is a challenging program to improve your endurance since it is harder at the beginning then becomes much easier at the end.

Start with a warm-up for three minutes, thendo the ladder workout for 17 minutes. Do 60-second high-intensity intervals with 4 bodyweight exercises for the first circle. The program includes 6 rounds with the time for each round decreasing by 10 seconds, from 60 seconds to 10 seconds. Between every two rounds is a 20-second rest.

How to intensely burn fat at home

How to intensely burn fat at home

Home HITT Cardio Exercise

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This program lasts for just 15 minutes and is specifically good for fat burning and core muscles strengthening in a short time. It is suitable for those who do not have much time for exercising.

More Training Exercises

While the four HITT programs above are the most popular ones, there are many other HITT exercises you can do by yourself at home for quick fat burning. I have gathered some of them in this video.

Above is a list of some of the most common HITT programs which can help you quickly burn body fat in a short time. Try these and let us know the results in the comment section below.

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