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CAROL Review: Can 9 Minutes of AI-Powered Exercise Make a Difference?

by Ida Harris
carol ai powered exercise bike

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CAROL is an AI-powered exercise bike that claims to give long-term fitness improvement by exercising under nine minutes a day for eight weeks.

Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, we though so too, until we did some research and found that many case studies have been performed to determine the effectiveness of the 8-week program.

One of the most appealing features of the AI-powered exercise bike is that it will increase, decrease or not change the resistance depending on the performance and biometric measurements of the rider, which means every rider gets a unique experience.

As an exercise junky who loves to have the latest tech, I was excited about getting my first piece of affordable cardio equipment for my home gym.

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To my surprise, CAROL was the easiest, simplest exercise bike I've ever used. Once you get past the intital setup and fitness baslining, going forward, all you have to do is login and ride.

CAROL literally does all the work, from calculating the resistance in each session to automatically applying it during the sprint, to guiding your breath. There's even a cool voice feature that allows CAROL to coach you through your rides.

carol exercise bike

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The exercise bike also comes with various preset works and a free ride mode, where riders can manually adjust the duration and resistance of the bike, like regular exercise bikes.

I spent the first week of the program adjusting my seat and the handlebar settings and length. I was amazed at how easy and intuitive these settings were! When it was time to start my second week of the exercise program, I was pretty comfortablewith my settings, and it showuld during the rides - I was reaching personal bests I didn't think I had in me!

The CAROL exercise bike does come with an app that you can install on your smartphone; however, I didn't elect to use it. I'm a big fan of my Fitbit, so I just use that to record my oxygen levels and heartrate. 

If you don't own any fitness trackers, you may want to try to CAROL app, since it tracks your progress using various measures, including your Octane Score (how many heartbeats are required to generate the total power you produce during a ride) and your Peak Power (the power you generate for the resistance level set for you).

The Verdict

Seeing as to how I only spent about 10 minutes a day exercising on the bike, I didn't look substantially different from what I looked like at the beginning of the program. Because of the resistance from the AI-powered exercise bike, I did notice more definition in my legs, and my breathing also seemed better duringn extended exerises.

I will say that CAROL made exercise feel more like a normal routine, like taking a shower - quick, simple, and painless - while still providing all the benefits that the many performed case studies say we need for prolong cardiovascular health.

The only downside I could find with the bike is the price, coming in at an expensive $2,995.00. They do provide payment plans, which is the most affordable way of owning the AI-powered exiercise bike! 

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