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Comprehensive Instructions on Waist Training

by Ida Harris
Comprehensive Instructions on Waist Training

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Comprehensive Instructions on Waist Training

Having an hourglass body may be the dream of not only woman but also men. Unluckily, very few of them can have an innate attractive body without working out.

Some may choose to do strenuous exercises at the gym, others employ debilitating slimming tea and pills with dangerous side effects. With the advent of waist trainers, people now have a safer and less exhausting way to lose belly fat.

Many of the people who have utilized a waist trainer have reported that it helps boost their confidence by reshaping their body in a positive way. When doing waist training, you wear a waist trainer or corset to narrow your waist and step-by-step have a desirable body shape.

What you have to take into consideration before waist training

What you have to take into consideration before waist training?

Before waist training, it is necessary to know some basics to protect yourself from injuries and to maximize the efficiency of this magical approach.

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The difference between waist cincher and corset

Both waist cincher and corset help you reduce several inches in your midriff measure in a surprisingly short time; however, there are still some clear differences between them in terms of structure, material, cost and length.

For the most basic, waist cinchers are utilized to restrict waist and provide the users with an instantaneous and provisional fat tummy. On the other hand, corset will help you reshape your body figure and have a natural Coca-Cola-shaped body. Waist trainers are more comfortable for daily use and wearing under clothes.

Boning type

Waist trainers have numerous types, each of which has different design and usage; some are not suitable for waist training. For example, the Plastic Boning cincher, the most popular in the market for its affordability, is not applicable for waist training. Its most appropriate usage is to emphasize your outfit or to make your night more romantic. For waist training, you should opt for Steel Boning corsets and Double-Boned.


Ensure that the waist trainer fits your body and you can breathe comfortably when it is tightly laced. Avoid too tight waist trainers which might cause breathing problems or too loose ones which will not produce the best results.

A try with waist training in seven days

Comprehensive Instructions on Waist Training

You might feel excited in the first few days when you train your waist. Nevertheless, this is a step-by-step process; gaining a perfect body figure is not an overnight matter. A try in seven days will help you decide if waist training is really appropriate for you.

First day

You should spend the first day adjusting to the alien discomfort. Two or three hours without any exercises can help your body warm up and adapt to the instant unpleasant feeling.

Second day

Since the second day is still the adapting stage, it is ideal to wear the waist trainer for just three to four hours. Strenuous exercises with waist trainer are not recommended because you need to prepare for more demanding workout in the later days.

Third day

On this day, you can wear the waist trainer for up to six to eight hours. You can also combine waist training with 12 to 15 minutes of cardio exercises.

Fourth day

Now, you can increase the time of wearing the waist cincher up to eight hours. You can realize that at this point, your meals are getting smaller since your stomach is compressed.

Fifth day

At this stage, you should be able to wear a waist trainer for up to nine hours and mix with 20-minute workout.

Sixth day

Your body should experience noticeable changes at this phase. You are also expected to wear the waist trainer for at least six to ten hours a day. Remember that a balanced diet and regular exercise are highly recommended to maintain your improvements.

Seventh day

Your body should now be perfectly accustomed to the discomfort, the new diet and supplementation of regular exercising. The amount of exercises to be done on this day will depend on yourself. Never force yourself or it would be counterproductive.

By now, a habit may have been developed. The question is how to maintain it. Always keep an eye on your improvements and adjust the garment to fit your body.

Other tips

When waist training, you can sweat a lot, so it would be advisable to drink sufficient water. Also avoid wearing this slimming garment during sleep since it can prevent you from having a good sleep due to the discomfort.

Waist training demands time, commitment and patience, which means that you cannot enjoy an instant result but it is what gives you the feeling of victory when having reached your goal of an hourglass body. Give it a try and you will not regret.

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