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Heavy-Duty Tarps – What You Must Know

by Ida Harris

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Do you need a heavy-duty tarpaulin for your agricultural land, greenhouse, or a tarp for your upcoming event under the open sky? If so, you are reading the right article. You might also have plans to invest in some durable, heavy-duty tarpaulins for your business.

No matter what type of tarp you would like to use, they should be environment-friendly. According to an article published on http://www.dragontarpaulin.com, when it comes to environment-safe tarps, these are made from recyclable materials that have excellent durability and strength. Read on to learn more about heavy-duty tarpaulins:

Different grades of tarps

It is true tarpaulins are made of robust, durable materials, but have various grades. It means that heavy-duty tarp covers can endure much stress as well as bear extreme climatic conditions. Heavy-duty materials are stronger than light-duty tarps and commonly used in industries and commercial reasons.

Again, heavy-duty products have extreme resiliency to UV rays as well as chemicals. These materials are also resistant to flex cracking and feature a lustrous surface. Light-duty tarps, on the contrary, are meant for temporary shelter, unlike their heavy-duty counterparts.

You must always use heavy-duty tarps to transport valuable cargo, while light-duty varieties for garage and truck covers, and dealing with leaking roofs.

Varied tarp sizes

When it comes to tarpaulins, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. You will find different tarps for different uses, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial reasons. We recommend that you choose from heavy duty tarps of the right size, or ask your suppliers to make it tailored for an appropriate fit.

Tarp varieties

When it comes to poly tarps, these are manufactured from polyethylene or for that matter polypropylene. People usually use poly tarps for camping, temporary roof covers, construction purposes, and truck covers. The painters use canvas tarps, while there are other varieties like heavy-duty steel tarps for transporting loads and covering expensive equipment and machinery of a business. There are tarps used for floor covering too.

As far as mesh tarps are concerned, they look more or less like a screen and are used for shade and privacy. Apart from tarps used at construction sites for privacy, residential homes and public facilities also use heavy-duty mesh tarps. Did you know mesh tarps are also used to bring into line golf course fences?

Vinyl tarps are also heavy-duty materials, durable, and last for many years. Larger industries use vinyl tarps for maximum protection and the most preferred choice when it comes to industrial tarpaulins.

Waterproof and water-resistant tarps are different

There is a common misconception about waterproof and water-resistant tarps. People think that both are the same. Water-resistant tarps are products that can prevent water from damaging the tarp material, while a waterproof tarp provides complete protection against rain. You will need to check out the features and benefits before you choose the right one.


You need to choose a heavy-duty tarp that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and durable. You can use heavy-duty PVC tarps if you are living in a cold region.

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