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Waist Training – 7 Day Guide for Beginners

by Ida Harris
7-Day Waist Training Program For Beginners

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In one of our previous articles, we provided you with detailed guidelines on how to start waist training properly. In this article, we're going to provide our audience with a 7-day waist training guide for beginners.

7-Day Waist Training Program

Day 1

The first day of the waist training guide starts off simple: you wear the waist trainer for two hours, which can be altered, depending on the personal comfort and goals.

You can wear the waist training for two hours

You can wear the waist training for two hours

Day 2

The second day of the waist training guide consists of you wearing the slimming garment for four hours. If you have just begun to practice waist training, be prepared to feel a little bit uncomfortable. We are sure that your body will be soon familiar with this pressure.  Do not rush; instead, listen to your body. If you feel any pains, immediately take off the waist trainer.

You should also do gentle exercises such as basic stretching and Pilates to optimize the effectiveness of both the exercises and waist trainer.

Day 3

On the third day of the waist training program, the minimum training time should not be less than four hours. You should also maintain the gentle exercise above and add 12-minute cardio exercises as well.

If you have already felt comfortable with a waist cincher on, you can increase the training time to eight hours and even sleep with it. But make sure that you can feel comfortable during the waist training time since it will determine the outcomes of the whole process.

7-Day Waist Training Program For Beginners

7-Day Waist Training Program For Beginners

Day 4

On Day 4 of the waist training program, you'll wear the trainer for eight hours a day. The compression from the waist cincher can affect your eating habit. You will be unable to eat big meals as your stomach is restricted. This will help you have a more balanced diet without consuming too much food in each meal.

Day 5

The target for this day is nine hours. You should also increase the cardio workout to 20 minutes. At this point, do not be fooled into thinking that a waist training is all you need to have an hourglass body. It is just a complement to a healthy diet and regular workout. 

Day 6

By day six, you must have felt more comfortable with a waist cincher on. The goal now is 10 hours and you should also combine with healthy eating and exercise. The results are amazing.

Day 7

You have almost managed to finish the 7-day  waist training program. The goal for you now is to wear the waist cincher for 10 hours. You have also managed to maintain a balanced diet and got familiar with gentle exercises with a waist cincher on to prepare for more strenuous exercises.

After these seven days, you yourself can decide whether you should continue to practice waist training or not. Regardless of whatever the answer is, remember not to mistake it as a total replacement for regular exercise and a balanced diet; instead, it should be just a complement. Also make sure that you are consistent with your goal since waist training only shows clear results after a long time. 

If you still have more questions about waist training, check our previous post on waist training guidelines for beginners.

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