What is the best drink during workout?

What is the best drink during workout

Hydrating your body during workout is of tremendous significance; however, not many people know how to properly fuel the body with carbohydrates while burning fat and sweating hard. 

Drinking some random drinks at irregular intervals is not effective in maintaining water balance in our muscles. Therefore, paying attention to drinks during workout is important to bring out superior results. 

In this article, we will go through a list of suitable and healthy drinks that you can consider to pack to the gym.

1. Mineral water

Mineral water

This is the simplest drink during any workout session. Water provides the body with fluids that it needs to maintain resilience and keep energy while training. The popular hydration rule is to drink about 8 oz of water every 15 minutes. 

Moreover, you can measure the amount of water that you should drink by weighing yourself sans clothes before and after your workout sessions. How much weight you lose helps determine the amount of fluid that you should drink in order to maintain hydration balance. 

Bear in mind that this kind of drink is only suitable for 1-hour training. If you are to work out for up to 2-3 hours, consider sports drinks.

2. Sports drinks

Sports Drink

If your workout is intensive and exceeds 1 hour, sports drink is what you will need. Although sports drinks are usually high on sugar level, their composition is quite similar to that of human blood. In short, this kind of drink comprises of the same level of concentration of nutrients and water. 

Moreover, glycogen and sodium which are vital in keeping hydration for human organisms also exist in sports drinks. 

There are mainly 3 categories of sports drinks including isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic fluids. The most common of them all are isotonic drinks. If you are about to delve into a long-lasting workout session, you should spare some time to prepare homemade isotonic drinks for superior gym state. 

Just mix mineral water, sea salt, honey/sugar and some fresh juice (orange, lemon, etc) and you will have a bottle of isotonic drink.

3. Protein shakes

Sports Drink

During workout, your body can become catabolic and starts breaking down the muscle tissues. Therefore, a drink that provides you with essential amino acids and energy while not taking up calories for digesting process will make your muscles joyful. Drinking a protein shake is effective in counteracting the protein breakdown and fills muscles with nutrients.

Recently, BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acid supplements) has been proved to be greatly beneficial to intra-workout process. Compared to whey, amino acids in BCAAs generally dissolve faster and are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream; thus, giving an instant, healthy boost of energy for the body.

4. Cucumber water

Cucumber water

Though simple as it sounds, cucumber is a rich source of potassium which human body uses to manage sweat, nerve functioning, glycogen, fluid and blood pressure; thus, it is critical in training.

Additionally, cucumber contains a lot of vitamin B that assist in blood flow and producing natural energy. With all these benefits, cucumber water is obviously a good choice for trainers who want to opt for a more refreshing drink. 

You can cut cucumber into slides and dip them into your water or you can also eat them as pre-workout snack. 

On the whole, a wide range of drinks are available for you to fuel your body while working out. However, upon selecting drinks to pack for the gym session, you should contemplate over the level of sugar and vital nutrients that it can provide so that you will be in the prime state while training hard. 

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