What To Eat Before And After Abs Workout?

What To Eat Before And After Abs Workout

Apart from the while-abs-workout process, the pre and after ones are also very important in determining whether you can reach your goal or not. Eating the right types of foods in a reasonable amount before and after an abs workout will not only accelerate your process of attaining the desirable outcomes but also ensure that you have enough energy before a workout and make a quick recovery after each session. Read on to discover some foods which you should eat before and after an abs workout.


Food eat before and after an abs workout

Banana, Oats should eat before and after an abs workout

  • Bananas : Since potassium is not stored in the body for long, a mid-sized banana before an ab workout will ensure that your nutrients levels are maintained during the workout.
  • Oats: Rich in fibre, oats gradually supply your bloodstream with carbohydrates to maintain a consistent energy level in your body during the abs workout.
  • Wholegrain bread: Another healthy source of carbohydrates is wholegrain bread. Consume a slice of wholegrain bread with jam, honey or a dried cake for good protein.
  • Fruits and yoghurt: While fruits are full of carbohydrates, Greek Yogurt is rich in good protein. The carbs consumed from fruits break down very easily and quickly. The protein is consumed for muscle damage prevention.


Food eat after an abs workout

Food should eat after an abs workout

Since after an abs workout, you need to compensate for the energy loss; therefore, it is necessary to consume some substances. So unlike the previous section, in this one, we are going to arrange the foods to eat after an abs workout into the group of substances.

  • Protein: After an ab workout, the first substance your body needs to be supplied with is protein. The ideal amount of protein for a man and a woman for a post-workout meal is 40-60 grams and 20-30 grams, respectively. Some healthy foods which are rich in protein include lean cuts of pork or beef, poultry without skin, tofu, eggs and dairy products, etc.
  • Carbohydrates: Thanks to the carbohydrates consumed after an abs workout, you are able to retain the glycose you have lost. Some good sources of healthy carbohydrates consist of whole grains, vegetables and fruits, low or nonfat dairy products, etc.
  • Fat: A right amount of mono- and polyunsaturated fat is necessary to be consumed so that your body can absorb nutrients like vitamins A, E and K better. Some olive oil for your vegetables or an olive oil-based vinaigrette for your salad is a good choice. Or you can also put slices of ripe avocado between a vegetable omelette or a whole-wheat sandwich to consume fat in a much friendlier way.
  • Water: Water makes up for up to 60% of an adult body and is of vital importance to your body. After abs or any kind of workout, your body has lost a large amount of water, which needs to be compensated. During your workout, a fair amount of water should be consumed as well. A lack of water may cause dehydration and prevent you from progressing with the workout. So consume no less than 2 cups of water after an abs workout and keep drinking water for the rest of the day.

Another small tip for you

If you eat only a light meal before the workout, you should eat the post-workout meal within one hour after working out. If you have a decent meal before that, leave no more than two hours before having your post-workout meal.

Above is a list of some best foods to eat for your pre and post-abs workout meal. For further detailed guidelines, consult your sports nutritionists, who can help you design a meal plan which is suitable for yourself.

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