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Why Running Can Be Better Than the Gym

by Ida Harris
Reasons running is better than the gym Running plan for beginners

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When it comes to exercising, modern society would have you believe the gym is the best method of exericse, because it provides us with easy access to all kinds of equipment and varieties of exercises.

However, running still remains as one of the most popular exercises that people all over the world prefer over the hectic gym. Below we've listed 5 reasons why running is better than the gym. 

1. Runner's High

According to a study published in Experimental Technology in 2010, our brains produce endocannabinoids which are cannabis-like molecules while we run. This substance can give runners happy a feeling of euphoria coupled with reduced anxiety and a lessened ability to feel pain.

A myriad of reasons for why you should choose running over gymming

Rack up the miles while chasing that "Runner's High".

2. Running Burns Belly Bat

Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducted a study in 2011 to find out the effectiveness of running in fighting off big bellies.

After studying more than 100,000 runners who ran 35 or more miles per week, they noticed that these runners gain less weight in belly throughout their mid-life years than people who didn’t run or seldom run.

3. Running burns the most calories

Running can burn up to 600 calories an hour, which is twice as much as calories burned during a weight-training session of that same duration.

In comparison with other types of calorie-burning workouts, running is also known to burn the highest amount of calories, an essential thing in weight loss training and a healthy body. 

Running burns more calories compared with other types of exercises

Running burns more calories compared with other types of exercises

4. Running is convenient

When you choose to run, you just need to prepare a few things such as a nice shoes, a comfortable shorts and shirt and seek for a nice route to get started.

Moreover, you don’t need to commute to a specific place like gym. When exercises become convenient, you may feel that you can begin at any time. There you go with exercising motivation.

5. Running can make your bones stronger

Unlike weight training workouts that target specific areas of our body, running, in fact, can strengthen your bones and muscles at the same time.

According to Jason Fitzgerald, a USA Track & Field-certified coach, running can prevent you from the risk of weak bones and osteopororis. 

Now, you’ve understood basic benefits of running and might want to hit the track right away.

However, just like other types of exercises, you need a plan to optimize the impacts that you can have from running.

We’ve designed a running plan for beginners for your reference, but you can certainly change it along your needs.

Running can make your bones stronger

Running can make your bones stronger

Example Running Plan

  • Warm up by stretching (pre-running) + Cool down by walking (post-running): 3 minutes
  • Run 3-4 times per week

Week 1

  • Run for 2 mins and walk for 2 mins
  • Repeat 7 times (28 minutes in total)

Week 2

  • Run for 3 mins and walk for 1 min
  • Repeat 7 times (28 minutes in total)

Week 3

  • Run for 4 mins and walk for 1 min
  • Repeat 6 times (30 minutes in total)

Week 4

  • Run for 5 mins and walk for 30 seconds 
  • Repeat 6 times (33 minutes in total)

Week 5 and beyond. 

  • Start to add 3-5 minutes to your running time and gradually decrease your walking time every 1-2 weeks until you reach a pace that is comfortable for your body and strength.

To sum up, to make exercises more interesting, you can try running once in a while with the above schedule.

Along the way you might make some more friends to color up your routine and give you a shot of motivation for a healthy lifestyle. 

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